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Websites, smart contracts, NFT’s, Dapps, or full custom builds, We have you covered.

We have all felt the pressure of scams & rugs throughout the DeFi space. My vision here at Developers United is to change the way things are done, by bringing safe development. 

Who Is Brennan

Who Am I?

My name is Brennan Barlowe. I am a Full Stack Blockchain Developer with more than 6 years of experience in Blockchain Development and 10+ years of experience in Video Game Development. I have built utilities for numerous projects that have crossed the Million Dollar Market Cap including one that reached $40 million. I know what it takes to be successful in this space and more importantly, I know how to get it done. If you are looking for Development work to take your project to the next level, or to get started with your first Blockchain Project, you have come to the right place. 

What I Do

My Services

I develop Cryptocurrency Smart Contracts that allow for secure, automated transactions without the need for intermediaries. I will ensure that your Smart Contracts are custom-built to meet your specific needs and are seamlessly integrated into your new/existing blockchain infrastructure.

NFT collections are arguably the greatest way for your project to fundraise without increasing sell-pressure on your project at a later date. NFTs provide a tremendous amount of flexibility and creativity in both their design and function. Tell us about your ideas and we will fill you in on what it will take for us to bring it to life

I offer several comprehensive Cryptocurrency Staking platforms that allow Token holders to earn rewards for holding and staking their digital assets (NFT/Tokens). The platforms I develop are secure, easy to use, and integrated with top blockchain networks, providing clients with a seamless staking experience.

I can provide Cryptocurrency DAO services that enable decentralized decision-making and community governance. When you have hundreds of people who are looking at you every hour of the day for strong leadership, you wanna be damn sure you are making the right decisions. The voting platforms I develop are by far the greatest way to ensure you are making decisions your community supports. 

My Builds

My Portfolio


The Maxx Team reach out to me for some insight on an ERC-20 token contract and after a delightful conversation about what they may need then and in the future i started building. After the token contract was completed i got to work on their 3 pool staking contract allowing $MAXX holders to earn up to 3 reward tokens at a time. 


This exclusive collection of 100 gamified NFTs required a unique time-based Leveling platform for their staking rewards that also included RAM & ALLINIUM to assist their leveling. To scale their levels appropriately, we had to simulate a Sigmoidal Curve in Solidity to satisfy their Team’s obsession with ‘LEET’. Safe to say this was one hell of a build for me. I am stoked to see their platform go live! Great Idea Guys!